Rethinking DLP as You Move to the Cloud

Whether it’s financial, bank or credit card data, customer or patient information, or intellectual property, the goal of cybersecurity is to protect sensitive data and prevent unwanted access or theft. Legacy DLP solutions often fall short of that goal when you move to the cloud. With the adoption of SaaS applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Slack or Box, the cloud has become the other major channel of data sharing next to email. Securing access to a cloud app such as Office 365 in itself presents a new and significant challenge, let alone protecting sensitive data in the cloud. It is time to rethink DLP and adopt a solution that can unify DLP for email and cloud apps, but is also risk-aware. How can you better your approach in 2020? 
Join us as Proofpoint’s Senior Director of Professional Services, Justin Collins and CSA's CEO, Jim Reavis, discusses the steps for you to consider when transforming your DLP solution. In this session you will learn: 

  • How to better discover and protect your organization’s sensitive data with CASB 
  • How to unify DLP incident management for cloud apps, email and more 
  • How to better identify sensitive data exposures and ex-filtration when an account is compromised 

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