Risky Business: The Supply Chain Threat Vector

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Recorded live on November 1, 2023


Global organizations are facing an increasing number of attacks that originate from third-parties or suppliers they do business with. According to the 2023 Proofpoint Human Factor report, 80% of organizations experience an attack from a compromised supplier every month.

By leveraging compromised supplier accounts to steal user credentials, send malware, and scam organizations with business email compromise (BEC) attacks, threat actors have turned the supply chain and partner ecosystem into the newest threat vector.

Join us for this live 60-minute webinar featuring Forrester Principal Analyst, Jess Burn to learn how to break the attack chain and stop supplier threats. We will discuss:

  • Supplier threat market trends, challenges, and risks
  • Why threat actors are targeting your supplier chain and partners
  • How to prevent supplier email compromise pre-and post-takeover
  • Best practices for strengthening your supply chain security

Featured Speaker

Jess Burn

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Jess is a principal analyst at Forrester serving security and risk (S&R) professionals. She contributes to Forrester’s research on the role of the CISO with a focus on security talent management. Additionally, Jess covers incident response and crisis management, and email security. Prior to her analyst role, Jess spent eight years as a principal advisor on Forrester’s Security & Risk Council. In this role, she was a trusted partner to a network of CISOs and S&R leaders, making and communicating critical decisions about and investments in their programs. Before she was an advisor, Jess led a Forrester Consulting practice focused on helping tech and service providers with their business and go-to-market strategies. Jess holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications, with concentrations in English and marketing, from the University of Connecticut.