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Securing Data in the Cloud Starts with People

Cybersecurity in healthcare is about people, not technology. In the cloud era, keeping your patients safe means protecting clinicians and patients from cloud threats and data loss. A people-centric approach to security helps you identify people and data at-risk and provide the tools needed to stay alert and keep users and their sensitive data safe. A unified data loss prevention (DLP) platform can get you the visibility needed to discover and stop ex-filtration of sensitive data (PII, PHI and more) housed in cloud apps, email and on-premises file shares. So what does a people-centric strategy look like for your healthcare cloud security?

Join us for a deep dive into how you can better protect your organization's most valuable assets: your data and your people. In this session, we'll examine the following:

  • Identify which healthcare job functions are most attacked
  • Shorten time to discover and protect sensitive data with out-of-box DLP policies
  • Ensure consistent policy enforcement to lock down access to files with technology shared across email, cloud apps and on-premises file repositories
  • Simplify day-to-day operations by centralizing incident triage and reporting across multiple channels in a single dashboard

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