Security Awareness Training for Healthcare

The 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) concluded that email is the initial point of compromise for cyber attacks 96% of the time. And in healthcare, cyber criminals specifically target healthcare workers. They use email to launch phishing attacks or malware infections that could lead to continuity of care problems through attacks such as ransomware. And in particular, they focus on using COVID and PPE lures.

So how do you best protect your people and educate them about how to spot and fend off the continuous stream of cyber attacks? Join us for this live demo to see Proofpoint Security Awareness Training in action, and learn how it safeguards against advance threats and compliance risks.

We’ll discuss:

  • The most common attacks in today's healthcare threat landscape
  • A people-centric approach to helping you protect patient data
  • Healthcare-specific awareness materials to reinforce your security training initiatives


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