From Skeptics to Champions: Selling the Value of Security Awareness Training throughout Your Organization

The value of security awareness training may be obvious to you and other cybersecurity professionals. But in order to launch a new or more comprehensive training program, you’ll need to convince management—and your end users. To make your case for security awareness training, speaking the language of your customer is key. 

Expect tough questions: What’s wrong with what we’re doing now? What measurable goals can the security awareness training program achieve? How does the program justify the cost? Users may have concerns the value of simulated phishing tests and whether training will interfere with their work. 

Taking the time to win over doubters and skeptics can reduce obstacles—and even turn them into future champions for your security awareness training program. In this webinar, you’ll learn about: 

  • Best practices for selling the value of security awareness training internally
  • Preparing a business case for your training program
  • Engaging employees through creative programming, recognition, and incentives 



Dale Zabriskie, Security Awareness and Training Evangelist, Proofpoint Security Awareness Training 

Joe Krock, Cyber Training and Awareness Leader, Enterprise Information Protection (EIP), Humana  

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