Stories from the Field: Using Threat Intelligence to Fortify Your Program and People

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

The threat landscape moves fast. Social engineering techniques such as QR code phishing, generative AI deep fakes, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) are constantly evolving.

According to the 2024 State of the Phish Report, most security teams say they use real-world threat intelligence to shape their security awareness program. However, using it effectively across the organization is a big challenge. As new lures and trends appear, it’s essential to consistently ensure your employees are resilient against the nature, scope and impact of the cybersecurity threats they face.

Join us for a 60-minute live panel discussion with guest panelists as they tell stories and explain best practices about using threat intelligence to fortify their program and people such as:

  • How to engage people with training that is creative, impactful—and ready to shift as needed
  • The importance of real-world behavior metrics for analyzing and acting upon insights
  • The power of cross-functional collaboration (such as with SOC) to be agile and focused
  • Tips to mature your security culture by approaching end users as “friends not foes”


Geoff Parker

Advanced Security Governance Analyst, Major International FinTech Company

As head of a global SAT program, Geoff Parker strives to build a good cybersecurity culture, thereby reducing the elements of human risk. He has been a security practitioner for over 15 years, has eight GIAC certifications and an SSAP, and earned a Master of Science degree in IS Management and Engineering from SANS Technology Institute (STI). Prior to his current role, Geoff worked for the British Diplomatic Corps, as well as in energy and healthcare. He is an avid watch collector and watchmaker, and believes that just like the parts of a watch, human systems of an organization must precisely interact to function correctly.

Daina McFarlane

Information Security Analyst, Mountain Equipment Company

Daina currently leads MEC’s security awareness training program and third-party risk assessment. With experience across numerous domains, she has a heavy focus on security awareness training, digital forensics, incident response, threat hunting and risk management. Daina holds industry certifications from several professional organizations. Her perspective is that educating people about security awareness is the best defense against any cyber-attack.

Garrett Guinivan

Senior Solutions Architect & Threat Analyst, Proofpoint

Garrett Guinivan specializes as an architect and analyst for the US Federal Sector, with previous experience as a threat intelligence consultant supporting federal and private sector customers. Before Proofpoint, he was a cyber threat intelligence analyst with government contractors supporting Army, Navy, and Energy Sector customers. Garrett also serves as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Officer in the Army Reserves and lives in the Leesburg, VA area.