Threat Briefing: Protecting State and Local Agencies

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Recorded live on December 5, 2023

Cyber criminals use sophisticated techniques to target the public sector with ransomware attacks, imposter emails, phishing attacks, and other exploits. In most cases, obtaining credentials is the start of the attack chain, so cyber criminals have mastered social engineering to create targeted messages that are compelling and relevant to the receiver. Indeed, people have become the public sector’s most prominent threat vector, and protecting the human element against the heightened volume of advanced threats is critical to building a robust security posture.

Join us for a live 30-minute threat briefing with our VP, Industry Solutions, Ryan Witt. We will discuss new threat intelligence research that can help state and local agencies to better understand today’s advanced attacks exploiting human flaws.

We will share:

  • The prevalent cyber-attacks being faced by the public sector
  • Which agencies and departments are most targeted
  • Best practices for a more robust cybersecurity posture