A CISO’s Guide to Building a Modern DLP Program

A CISO’s Guide to Building a Modern DLP Program

March 7th, 15th & 22nd | 10-10:30 am PT | 1-1:30 pm ET

A robust data loss prevention strategy can help your organization mitigate risk – and avoid being in headlines. No CISO ever wants to be in the position of explaining to their board that they ‘thought’ they had the best protections in place after a data breach. Instead, they want to be confident that their data is protected at all times. This requires a modern approach to DLP, one that goes beyond tracking data movement to gathering insights into risky behavior and threats across multiple channels such as email, endpoint, cloud, and web.

Join our three-part series of 30-minute webinars, A CISO’s Guide to Building a Modern DLP Program to learn best practices for building or refining your own program.

Webinar Series - Part 1

Justifying the Importance of Your DLP Program to the Board

As a CISO, meeting with your board usually involves a budget request or an issue that needs solving. What if you’re called to justify your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program because you require funding? How do you keep your discussion targeted for a non-technical board and get the funds you need to defend your organization’s data?

Join Dr. Deborah Watson, Proofpoint’s resident CISO, for a 30-minute discussion about what every CISO needs to know before they approach the board about enhancing their DLP program. This webinar is the first in a three-part series for CISOs. You will learn:

  • How to discuss the DLP problem you face
  • How to discuss the data you need to protect and why it’s important
  • What’s needed to close the gap in your organization to defend against insider threats and compromised users

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Webinar Series - Part 2

Increase the Operational Efficiency of Your DLP Program

Implementing an effective Data Loss Prevention program can be daunting. It requires bringing together people, processes, and technology to protect an organization’s most valuable data, often on a global scale and with limited resources. As employees work from everywhere and anywhere, and data grows exponentially, the challenges facing security teams continue to increase. The result: nearly 80% of respondents experienced one or more data breaches in the past 12 months, according to a survey of IT and security leaders1. So, how can your organization operate a DLP program capable of meeting today’s cybersecurity challenges as efficiently as possible?

Join our 30-minute webinar, the second in a three-part series for CISOs, to learn about:

  • Critical success factors of an efficient DLP program
  • The importance of cross-channel visibility and advanced analytics
  • How one organization transformed their DLP program with rich forensics and data classification
  • Best practices in reporting on the effectiveness of your DLP program

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1 - CRA 2022, Legacy DLP Crumbles in the Cloud Report

Webinar Series - Part 3

Better Together: Optimize Your Data Security Stack with Integrations

As the familiar adage goes: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is particularly relevant when considering the day-to-day operations of security teams, who are responsible for keeping their organizations up and running and their most valuable intellectual property protected. To do this effectively, security teams need solutions that work together effortlessly as part of a broader ecosystem to quickly detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, both internal and external. However, the reality is that most security teams use siloed solutions that do not integrate seamlessly. So, how can your security team enhance its data security stack through integrations to increase the efficiency of the Security Operations Center (SOC)?

Join our 30-minute webinar, the last in a three-part series for CISOs, to learn:

  • Best practices for optimizing your data security stack
  • What to consider in choosing integration partners
  • How Proofpoint integrates with leading SIEM, SOAR, and IT Service Management vendors bring efficiency to the SOC

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