2023 Information Protection Best Practices:

How to Build a Content-Aware, Behavior-Aware and Threat-Aware DLP Program

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With the widespread shift to cloud-first and distributed working models, the cybersecurity landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Do you have the critical visibility and controls to defend your most business-critical data?

Join us for a three-part webinar series, 2023 Information Protection Best Practices, to learn why insights into content, behavior, and threats are critical for a modern information protection strategy. We’ll show you how to move beyond content scanning to break the attack chain and protect your data.

Webinar Series - Part 1

Augmenting Legacy DLP with AI-Powered Classification

Legacy DLP solutions focus on protecting regulated data such as PII, PHI and PCI, with many solutions offering out-of-box detection methods to address these use cases. But what about business-critical data?

A best practice DLP solution can leverage AI-powered classification to augment traditional use cases and protect valuable corporate data such as intellectual property, financials, M&A documents, supplier contracts, etc.

Join our 45-minute webinar, the first in a three-part series, to learn about:

  • The significance of data classification in augmenting your DLP program as part of a converged modern visibility that brings together content, behavior, and threats
  • How Proofpoint Intelligent Classification and DLP identifies and protect business-critical data across the enterprise
  • How Proofpoint helped a customer launch a DLP program in 42 days

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Webinar Series - Part 2

The Key to Managing Insider Threats

Insiders are trusted with data, systems, and networks that are critical to their organizations’ daily operations. Yet, these same insiders – whether they are employees, contractors, or suppliers – can also pose a data loss risk. How can you identify and address malicious, compromised, and careless users? A converged insider threat and DLP solution provides visibility into behavior, content and threat context to help you understand who is moving what data, when, where, and why.

Join our 45-minute webinar and live-demo, the second in a three-part series, to learn about:

  • The importance of a behavior-aware information protection strategy
  • The lessons learned from a real-life story of a compromised user
  • How Proofpoint Insider Threat Management provides context and visibility to detect and prevent insider threats

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Webinar Series - Part 3

Neutralizing Account Takeover Attacks to Defend Data

Keeping your cloud platforms free from malicious intruders is key for protecting your organization’s sensitive data, and many organizations use multi-factor authentication solutions to keep cloud threats at bay.

But what happens when threat actors access your cloud environments with attacks specifically designed to bypass MFA, such as EvilProxy?

A best practice, threat-aware DLP solution can detect and remediate suspicious file activity in your cloud environment. Join our 45-minute webinar, the third in a three-part series, to learn about:

  • Why MFA is no longer a silver bullet for protecting cloud accounts
  • How to protect your cloud environment from third-party apps and data exfiltration
  • How Proofpoint CASB and TAP Account Takeover protect sensitive data

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