What Happens When Cloud Identities Become Your Biggest Security Threat?

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Recorded live on June 1, 2023

As organizations embrace digital transformation, the risk of identity-based threats is widespread. Attackers are exploiting compromised identities to exfiltrate data, take over IT environments and launch ransomware attacks—putting an organization’s people and data at great risk.

It’s more crucial than ever for businesses to prevent, detect and remediate identity threats in order to break the attack chain. In this 45-minute webinar, you'll discover how to stop lateral movement and protect Active Directory with Proofpoint Identity Threat Defense, ITDR solution.

Join us to learn how industry leaders are tackling this problem and gain insights into:

  • The pervasive market problems that CISOs are seeing in relation to identity threats
  • Top challenges in identifying vulnerable identities
  • Best practices to safeguard your people and data from attacks that leverage compromised identities


Ofer Israeli

Group Vice President & General Manager, Identity Threat Defense, Proofpoint

Ofer Israeli is the Group Vice President and General Manager of Proofpoint’s Identity Threat Defense business. Ofer joined Proofpoint following the company’s acquisition of Illusive, of which Ofer was the founder and CEO. As a leader in Identity Threat Detection and Response, Illusive protects the biggest and most notable companies in the world by managing identity risk and detecting active attacks within environments. Before Illusive, Ofer managed development teams around the globe for Check Point Software Technologies and worked in the Atom Chip Lab at Ben-Gurion University, where he focused on theoretical quantum mechanics. Ofer holds B.Sc. degrees in Computer Science and Physics from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Jasmine Wu

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Proofpoint

Jasmine Wu is the Senior Director of Product Marketing and Global Head of GTM Operations at Proofpoint. She has 15+ years of experience providing thought leadership and advisory in the emerging technologies space, including corporate risk protection, information governance, cloud collaboration management, and digital transformation. Jasmine is deeply interested in scaling radical technologies, advising wellness and education-based startups, as well as mentoring growing product marketers.