Why Monitoring Social Media and eComms is Crucial in Your Compliance Strategy

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Recorded live on March 30, 2023

As more companies allow their employees to engage with customers over social media, new monitoring channels and challenges have arisen. An unmonitored post on social media or an improper electronic communication over embedded chat, SMS texting, email, etc. can trigger regulatory sanctions, fines, or litigation, as well as reputational damage to a company brand.

Join our experts to learn how organizations can build a compliance strategy and what types of tools are available to monitor these communications and mitigate risks.

In this 20-minute session, we’ll discuss:

  • How automated policies in Social Media monitoring can help organizations effectively comply with internal and regulatory guidelines
  • How to unite and normalize data feeds across multiple social media, applications and electronic communication platforms
  • How to efficiently facilitate compliance reviews and quickly respond to e-Discovery events
  • How to build a defensible and effective compliance strategy