29% of companies that suffered BEC attacks said they lost more than $100K


You've Got Email Fraud!
A Roundup of the 10 Biggest, Boldest, and Most Brazen BEC Scams: 2022 Edition

Business email compromise (BEC) fraud affects organizations of all sizes across every industry around the world, exposing them to billions of dollars in potential losses. We've rounded up some of the most egregious examples of BEC attacks in recent months. This collection is meant to illustrate just how varied, targeted, lucrative—and heartless—these campaigns can be. They also show how almost anyone, without the right security controls, can fall for an expertly crafted campaign. Highlights include:

  • The rise and fall of social media influencer and admitted BEC scammer Ray Huspuppi
  • How the historic town of town of Peterborough lost $2.3 million through payment diversion
  • How fraudsters posing as a legitimate construction company robbed a charity of nearly $1 million through invoicing fraud
  • The multimillion scheme that hoodwinked Wall Street high rollers

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