Employees on Work Computers Protected by Email Fraud Defence

White Paper

Discovering and Reporting Fraudulent Accounts

Learn How to Protect Your Brand From Unauthorized & Fraudulent Social Media Accounts

Today, the average enterprise has more than 300 social media accounts affiliated with its brand. As social media has become more and more universally adopted, the number of accounts across every social platform has increased. One of the factors behind this growth is the low barrier between users and creating pages -- official or unofficial -- which means virtually anyone can create a page under a brand name.

Fraudulent pages, or pages created to represent an entity such has a brand without official consent, are problematic because, regardless of their creators' intentions, they misrepresent your brand, mislead your customers and redirect your marketing dollars towards promoting pages that don't belong to your company -- a waste of valuable resources and a danger to your brand image.

Download the report now to learn how you can dramatically simplify the account discovery and fake account removal processes, and protect your brand's reputation and marketing investment in this white paper.