Proofpoint cybersecurity for healthcare

White Paper

Annual Report: Cybersecurity Issues In Healthcare

Healthcare is under siege. Cyber security threats in healthcare are exposing personal data. Ransomware is shutting down emergency rooms. Healthcare cyber security issues, such as fraudulent emails are defrauding partners, customers, and your own staff. To help healthcare organizations better understand this changing threat landscape, we analyzed a year’s worth of cyber attacks against care providers, hospitals, and insurers.

If you’re in healthcare, work with healthcare companies, handle healthcare cyber security, or trust your most personal data to those in the industry, this healthcare cyber threats report is for you. Download the report to learn more about:

  • How attackers are exploiting human nature to steal money, data, and more
  • The techniques they use to hijack trust—healthcare’s most valuable currency
  • Protecting your organization from today’s people-centered attacks