White Paper

Mapping Organizational Roles and Responsibilities for Social Media Risk

Find out who's responsible for social risk!

Social media has introduced a wide array of opportunities for organizations to engage with customers and partners. But with these opportunities comes risks – like a damaged brand reputation, regulatory violations, privacy issues, intellectual property compromises, social engineering, astroturf-ing, phishing, and more.

To get optimal value from social media efforts, organizations need to establish controls for the downsides of the technology by first clearly defining which roles within their unique corporate structure should be involved in social media risk management and their specific responsibilities.

This report outlines a framework for assigning roles and responsibilities to manage social media risk, including:

  • Roles with an interest in social media risk management,
  • Social media risk management responsibilities,
  • Roles and responsibilities in common risk scenarios,
  • Budgeting and procurement for controls, and
  • Steps to mitigate risk to your social media programs.