White Paper

People-Centric Security Framework

Those familiar with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publications concepts may recognize that this framework seems familiar and is designed with similar constructs. Proofpoint recognizes the significant value of the NIST content and believes that using similar messaging will facilitate easier integration into an organization’s existing cybersecurity programs. Reuse of any content is not meant to imply ownership, but rather is intended to remove the inconsistencies that often exist in security frameworks that are meant to be complementary. Well-known frameworks and a great deal of advice exist to help people protect data, privacy and devices, but minimize the implication of human factors due to the historical reliance on protecting the perimeter. The PCSF is intended to address this gap, focusing on people-centric factors. The PCSF complements and does not replace any NIST recommendations, an organization’s risk management process or their cybersecurity program.

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