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  • White Paper

    White Paper

    Definitive Email Security Strategy Guide

    The Problem: Attacks are evolving faster than email defenses. Organizations are spending more on cybersecurity than ever, even as losses from data breaches, business disruption, and fraud continue to mount. 

    Learn how to prevent the top email fraud tactics including:

    • Business Email Compromise techniques
    • Advanced Malware including Ransomware
    • Outbound Phishing

    Get the 5 steps to building your email security strategy across the entire attack chain – from prevention through real-time response.

    Download the Definitive Email Security Strategy Guide now.

  • Analyst Report

    Analyst Report

    Protecting Against Advanced Threats and Compliance Risks

    Today’s workers have gone beyond the network, using multiple devices to conduct business, anywhere, any time. The move has resulted in greater productivity and collaboration—and a greater risk of attack by cyber criminals. How can you protect your business today? Start by reading Enterprise Solution Group's (ESG) solution showcase. Learn:

    • Nine ways a malware attack can compromise your business
    • Five steps to handling threats and risks, starting with gaining visibility beyond your network
    • How Proofpoint can help boost your protection with threat intelligence, detection and response

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  • White Paper

    White Paper

    Flipping The Script On Security Spending

    More than 90% of advanced threats targeting your company comes from email, yet a very small portion of the security budget is dedicated securing this vital communication channel. Network and endpoint security still receives the lion’s share of cybersecurity budgets today.

    The trouble is the majority of advanced cyber threats target people using email, social media, and mobile applications as a way to gain access to an organization, steal information, money and potentially damage an organization’s reputation.

    In other words, many of today’s security investments are not effectively stopping the threats and are not providing protection in the right places. Attackers are moving away from using exploit kits. They’re creating threats that have no malware. They’re exploiting the human factor, getting an organization’s employees to do the work for the attackers by tricking employees into providing their credentials or enticing them to open a malicious document.

    Learn more and download "Flipping The Script On Security Spending" by completing the form to the right.

  • Analyst Report

    Analyst Report

    ESG Proofpoint Advanced Email Security

    Today’s threats – malware, ransomware, phishing or email fraud – enter through email, costing you time and money and often doing irreparable harm to your reputation and brand.

    How can you protect your organization? Start by reading ESG Lab validation report to learn how Proofpoint’s Advanced Email Security solution:

    • provides visibility into all email-based attacks,
    • enables email authentication for both inbound and outbound email,
    • protects against data loss,
    • enables rapid response to threats and attacks

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  • Webinar


    Security and Compliance for Office 365

    As you plan the big move to the cloud with Office 365, you’ll want to understand the security implications, especially when it comes to protection, compliance, and email continuity. 

    Fill out the form to view our webinar and learn:

    • How to plan for a successful migration to Office 365
    • How you can protect your Office 365 from advanced threats and targeted attacks
    • How to avoid the hidden costs for IT and compliance staff
  • Data Sheet

    Data Sheet

    Social Media Brand Account Takeovers

    When cyber criminals take over a company’s social media presence, they flood your feeds with false information about your brand, malware, and other disruptive content. It’s a public relations nightmare.

    Learn the seven best practices to:

    • Minimize the risks
    • Freeze your account if it gets hacked
    • Create an action plan and recover your account

    Download the 7 Best Practices Against Social Media Account Takeovers

  • White Paper

    White Paper

    Understanding FTC Compliance Risks In Sponsored Posts And Native Ads

    Social media compliance is a big job, and it can be difficult to handle every detail yourself. Ensuring compliance requires knowledge, following procedures, and constant monitoring. Especially now that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is really cracking down on businesses staying compliant on social media.

    For example, the FTC now has clear-cut guidelines around sponsored posts and “native advertising,” which are ads designed to look like editorials, news articles, product reviews and entertainment. The FTC allows this approach. But it requires a business to make certain, through clear disclosures, that consumers understand they’re reading or viewing paid messaging.

    Download this whitepaper and learn:

    • Areas where the FTC can affect your messaging
    • What happens when the Government steps in
    • What’s required for social compliance
    • How to ensure social compliance
  • Analyst Report

    Analyst Report

    ESG Lab Review: Proofpoint Advanced Threat Protection

    Enterprise Strategy Group, the IT research, analyst, strategy and validation firm, recently examined the state of cybersecurity and Proofpoint’s advanced threat protection to help organizations boost their defense.

    Download the review and learn about:

    • The challenge organizations face with cybersecurity expertise
    • How a lack of visibility beyond the network can affect an organization’s defense
    • Proofpoint’s ability to address multiple attack vectors beyond the network with deep, verified threat intelligence
    • The advantage of Proofpoint remediation for active threats

    See how to effectively manage your resources for monitoring risk levels and remediation processes. Get your copy of the review now.

  • Solution Brief

    Solution Brief

    Brand Fraud Solution Brief

    An Omnichannel Solution to Brand Fraud

    Today you have more ways to engage with customers than ever before. Social media, mobile applications, email, and web help you build a strong brand image. But these digital channels introduce new risks.

    Fraudsters use these engagement channels to imitate your brand and target your customers. Using fake social media accounts, fraudulent mobile apps, and spoofed domains, hackers deliver phishing attacks and scams intended to steal your customers’ credentials and sensitive data.

    Download our solution brief to learn more about the methods hackers are using to imitate your brand. Then sign up for a demo of our Fraud Protection solution to see how Proofpoint can help you manage the risks of brand fraud.

  • Solution Brief

    Solution Brief

    Digital Risk Protection Solution Brief

    Your company has a strong presence across social media, mobile, and web.

    Are your brand and customers safe from digital risks? 

    Cybercriminals take advantage of the gap between your customer engagement and your adoption of digital risk defense— across engagement channels:

    • Social media: phishing and brand fraud were up 500% in 2016.1
    • Web: phishing domains climbed 250% between Q5 2015 and Q1 2016.2
    • Mobile apps: More than 16,000 publishers distribute malicious apps through both mainstream and third-party app stores.3

    Your digital channels provide a rich arena for criminals to unleash their attacks on your unsuspecting customers.

    • Hackers take over your social media accounts and hijack your digital presence.
    • Fraudsters masquerade as your brand to target your customers with phishing scams, malware, and counterfeit products. 
    • Bad actors use digital tools to plan attacks on your employees and physical locations, as well as access your leaked IP, credentials, and customer data.

    Defending against digital risk is essential to protect your customers, brand and organization. Learn more on how you can reduce exposure and mitigate threats across all your digital channels. 

    1 Proofpoint Q4 2016 Threat Summary and Year in Review
    2 APWG
    3 Proofpoint
  • White Paper

    White Paper

    Social Media: Risk Or Reward For Your Brand?

    Active participation in social media can bring great rewards for your organization, but social media also poses a risk to your brand. Download this paper and learn how you can protect your company, your customers, and your brand from four top social media risks.

    Understand how social media threats can impact your company, then explore the tools and strategies necessary to combat:

    • Account hacks
    • Fraudulent accounts
    • Malicious content
    • Compliance risks

    Created in collaboration with Third Door Media, this paper will show you how new technologies can support successful and secure social media expansion.

  • White Paper

    White Paper

    How To Stop Social Media Hacks

    Protect Your Brand From Hackers On Social Media

    Most organizations lack the requisite expertise and technical countermeasures to ward off an attack, and consequently, hackers have continued to relentlessly target big brands.

    Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection's guide on How to Stop Social Media Account Hacks walks you step-by-step through how to protect your organization and:

    • Find all your brand's social media accounts, including fraudulent pages;
    • Limit access to accounts from users and third-party applications;
    • Enforce strong authentication controls for social media accounts and applications;
    • Monitor branded social media accounts for changes, unauthorized apps, admins, and content; and
    • Enforce policy, including automated account lock-down procedures.