Are Your Employees Ready for Social Engineering Attacks?

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In our recent webinar, Social Engineering and How to Counteract Advanced Attacks, we discussed the growing problem of social engineering and the latest attack methods. Not only has the amount of attacks increased, the attacks are getting more sophisticated every day requiring extreme vigilance to avoid attack.

Along with the latest of social engineering in the news, we focused on one event that shows the possibility of such attacks in real life. The Capture the Flag Contest at DEFCON puts social engineering and its capabilities in front of CISOs of top companies. We reviewed the outcome of last year’s competition and which companies were the most vulnerable.

The good news is, you can protect your employees from falling into the traps of these tactics. We reviewed recommendations for building a security awareness program, including training, policies, and assessments.

You can replay the webinar at any time on our website. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Wombat at