Building a Business Case for Security Awareness and Training Programs

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There can be obstacles to implementing security education programs, and often one of them is justifying the investment. Unfortunately, for some time many companies have believed that once a year cyber security awareness month events satisfy their security training program needs. While there are soft costs to programs that happen once a year; more time and money is needed to support a continuous security awareness and training program that changes end user behavior. Changing employee behavior also requires more stakeholder approval within the organization.

Join us for a webinar on practical approaches to building a business case for a security awareness training program in your organization.

Presented by:
David Kennedy, IANS Faculty Member, President and CEO of TrustedSec

In this webinar we'll discuss:

- Why security awareness and training?
- Overview of a social engineering case study
- The risk associated with targeted attacks
- Assessing your vulnerability
- Defining objectives you can measure
- The importance of education
- Tips for communicating your program
- Continuous improvement and best practices


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