Do What I'm Thinking, Not What I Said

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Back in September, Wombat and GreyCastle hosted a joint webinar, Security Awareness: Six Tips for Securing Your Employees. (Follow the link to watch the replay of the webinar, which received strong accolades from attendees.)

Reg Harnish, Founder and Chief Security Strategist of GreyCastle Security, shared a story during the presentation, and I was reminded of his story just last week when I was at a customer’s security awareness event. I was talking to a woman who was playing our URL training game. At one point early in the game, I asked the woman to select something on the screen and she attempted to . . . with her finger touching the laptop screen. She did exactly what I asked her to do...but not what I wanted her to do.

Click the link below to read Reg's story. It’s a great reminder of just how important it is to understand how people learn when you’re trying to teach employees to defend against cyber attacks.

I Was Wrong about Security

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