Proofpoint named global market leader for email security and given Product Line Strategy award for Security Awareness Training

Proofpoint Named Global Market Leader for Email Security and Given Product Line Strategy Award for Security Awareness Training

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Frost & Sullivan recently presented Proofpoint with two leadership awards, recognizing both market leadership and product line strategy.

Global Market Leadership Award for Email Security

For the fifth consecutive year, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Proofpoint as the global market leader for email security. Based on analysis of the email security market, this award is presented to the company that demonstrates overall excellence in growth and customer value. Developing loyal customers who become brand advocates helps the company grow and maintain its market leadership position.

Frost & Sullivan noted that the people-centric approach to security that Proofpoint has adopted, combined with the ability to identify very attacked people (VAPs), is crucial to preventing the more complex, targeted attacks that focus on specific end users within organizations.

Frost & Sullivan also noted key acquisitions that have helped build the product portfolio, including: Cloudmark, a leader in messaging security and threat intelligence for internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile carriers;, a leader in browser isolation solutions; FireLayers, an innovator in cloud security; and Return Path’s Email Fraud Protection (EFP) business unit. The acquisition of Wombat Security Technologies, a leader in security awareness training, was also highlighted and is now sold as Proofpoint Security Awareness Training.

European Product Line Strategy Leadership Award for Security Awareness Training

Frost & Sullivan also recognized Proofpoint for having an extensive solution portfolio that combines people and technology with a demonstrated ability to successfully reduce phishing attacks by up to 90 percent and cut malware infections by 40 percent. This success rate is achieved by delivering the right training to the right people at the right time to affect meaningful change in end user behavior.

The combination of simulation (ThreatSim) and knowledge assessments (CyberStrength) was noted by Frost & Sullivan as a differentiator, along with the ability to benchmark performance compared to other organizations with business intelligence. The bite-sized training modules, built using learning science principles for improved retention of content, were also singled out, as well as reinforcement tools like security awareness materials and an email reporting button.

Use of Proofpoint Threat Intelligence and visibility into the threat landscape were also noted, along with the key integrations with other Proofpoint products to deliver Closed Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR). This solution enables the automatic analysis and removal of malicious emails that are reported through an abuse mailbox program, powered by the PhishAlarm email button. This makes it easy for end users to report potentially malicious emails and for administrators to analyze and remediate the problem.

These industry analyst awards further consolidate Proofpoint’s position as a leader across multiple technology areas as defined by leading analyst firms like Frost & Sullivan, Gartner, and Forrester.