Vote for Our RSA 2015 Crowdsourced Session

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Whether or not you’re planning to attend the RSA Conference in San Francisco this coming April, we hope you will vote for our Crowdsourced session, “Will We Ever Take End-User Mistakes Out of the Cyber Security Equation?”, which will be hosted by Wombat President and CEO Joe Ferrara. Crowdsourced sessions are a new addition to the RSA Conference this year, and the 12 final selections will be determined by public vote. You have an unlimited number of votes, and RSA 2015 attendees’ tallies carry twice as much weight.


Why Vote for Wombat?

Our interactive session will give participants an opportunity to discuss insider threats in a frank, productive manner. Joe Ferrara will challenge attendees to imagine a landscape in which end-user mistakes do not factor info cyber security risks and pose some key questions:

  • Could this landscape ever be realized?
  • If so, what technologies and techniques will bring it about?
  • If not, how can organizations bring the risk as close to zero as possible?
  • It is possible to quantify the business risks associated with employees’ careless cyber security behaviors?

Vote early and often by visiting the RSA Conference site. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. PT on April 2, 2015. If your support secures us a session at the RSA Conference, we will be sure to provide a recap of the discussion in our blog following the event.


RSAC attendees, don’t forget to stop by and see us at Booth #2239. Schedule a 15-minute demo for an opportunity to evaluate how our security awareness and training solutions can reduce the risks to your business.