We Are Thankful for People Who Share Our Passion for Education

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Earlier this week we learned of a blog post written by Adam Shostack about our new assessment offering, USBGuru®. We’ve had the opportunity to speak with Adam and discuss our thoughts on the gamification of learning, which is a passion we share with him.

If you don’t know Adam, here’s a little bit about him.

Adam Shostack is co-author of the New School of Information Security (the book). He helped found the CVE, the International Financial Cryptography Association, and the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium. He has been a leader at several successful startups including Netect, Zero-Knowledge Systems, and Reflective. He currently works for a software company in the Pacific Northwest.

On Tuesday, we announced a new training module, called Data Protection and Destruction, where employees learn how to protect themselves when using portable storage devices and how to properly discard sensitive data. With USBGuru, and our new training module, we close the loop on effectively assessing and training employees about the safe handling of data.

Here’s an excerpt of what Adam had to say about USBGuru:

USBGuru is a service that allows you to quickly create learning loops for the USB in the parking lot problem. It includes a way to create a USB stick with a small program on it. That program checks the username, and reports it to Wombat. This allows you to deliver training when the stick is inserted, or when the end user is tricked into running code. It also allows you to track when people fall for the attack, and (over time) measure if the training is having an effect.

So there’s a “teachable moment,” training, and measurement. I think that’s a really cool combination, and want to encourage folks to both check out what Wombat’s USBGuru does, and compare it to other training programs they may have in place.

You can learn more about USBGuru here.