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Welcome to the Wombat Security Technologies blog where we’ll discuss the human element of cyber security. This is a much overlooked part of living in the information age. Everyone needs to balance their natural instinct to trust what we see, with a healthy understanding of how prevalent cyber attacks are and that everyone is a target all the time.

Wombat Security Technologies, Inc. is the first and only company to offer a complete suite of anti-phishing and security awareness products that leverage progressive training techniques of professional educators to effectively improve human response against cyber-attacks up to 70%. Wombat’s breakthrough software-based training solutions teach users how to recognize and avoid the most advanced attacks involving phishing, password security, social networking, smartphones, and working outside of the office.

We’ve been experts in the human element of cyber security since 2008 and we look forward to sharing our expertise more broadly through this blog.

We plan to discuss topics such as practical tips for protecting yourself, your employees or your family from cyber-attack; background on why particular cyber-attacks are so successful; discussions about emerging threats, and the latest research on a variety of info sec topics. Our goal is to be helpful, thought provoking, and sometimes even a little light-hearted.

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