Wombat Vlog: How to Avoid Social Engineering Scams

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In this second part of our two-part Wombat vlog about social engineering, I offer tips for avoiding social engineering scams. I advise users to recognize that they are in the power seat and that their engagement is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful attack. I also explain the importance of verification and why users need to ensure that they operate within a true "circle of trust" when it comes to unsolicited communications and visitors.

This video allows you to share practical information with your end users in straightforward, digestible terms they can understand. It is a good way to reinforce some of the key messages present in our Anti-Phishing Training Suite, which provides simulated phishing assessments and hands-on training about the social engineering techniques cyber criminals use to trick end users into compromising data and systems. This suite of tools is the ideal foundation on which to build your security awareness training program.


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