How to Mirror Sendmail Open Source Files

To setup a mirror of the sendmail distribution, the following conditions must be met:

  • The entire /pub/sendmail tree must be mirrored with one exception — The .prealpha, .alpha, and .beta directories should never be mirrored.
  • The mirror must be done from
  • The mirror must be updated on at least a daily basis at a bare minimum. Don't update more often than every six hours. Try to avoid copying files if they are unchanged (e.g., check the mod date).
  • It should be a true mirror, i.e. if a file is deleted on, it should also disappear from your mirrored site.
  • You must report the URL of the mirror site, whether it is a public site, and the administrator for that mirror to (replace YYYY with the current year, e.g., 2017). For example: will be mirroring at 

    The mirror will be updated daily and is available to the public. 

    The maintainer can be reached at

You give us permission to publish your site on a mirrors web page available on this web site.