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Protect Against Email Fraud

Block attacks with a layered solution that protects you against every type of email fraud threat


Email fraud often doesn’t use malware attachments or malicious URLs, making it invisible to even “next-generation” email defenses.  Our layered approach stops this evolving threat before it reaches your employees, partners, and customers.  Safeguard your money and critical information by securing all the avenues that Email fraud attackers pursue.

Email fraud puts every email-based relationship at risk

360 Degree Email Fraud Protection

The avenues, or tactics, that attackers use include display name spoofing, domain spoofing, and lookalike domain spoofing - and fraudsters change their methods regularly to evade solutions that only stop some attacks.

Proofpoint provides a comprehensive solution that stops all forms of email fraud, no matter the tactic used or the person being targeted.  From a single portal, you can see all impostor email threats – and understand how to block them – before they reach your employees, customers, and business partners.

Email Fraud Defense eliminates the devastating impact of imposter email fraud

Protecting Against Impostor Email Threats

Stop attacks before they reach the inbox

Proofpoint Email Protection provides pre-defined anti-spoofing rules and subject tagging to flag emails as potential email fraud.  But, that is just a first step.

For even deeper email fraud protection, our dynamic Impostor Classifier uses machine-learning technology to analyze relevant information such as email content, sender reputation, and email address manipulation.

These insights are used to set an Impostor Email Score.  This score is configurable and protects you from multiple types of email fraud techniques, including display name spoofing and lookalike domain spoofing.

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Block Threats Sent from Lookalike Domains

Registering lookalike domains for the purpose of committing email fraud is another tactic that attackers use to target your employees.

Proofpoint Domain Discover for Email proactively identifies and classifies malicious lookalike domains for you, so that you can stop attacks before they ever happen.  Deploying Domain Discover for Email extends protection to domains that you don’t own – helping you further validate the legitimacy of emails coming into your organization.

Protect Your Trusted Domains from Being Spoofed

DMARC authentication can prevent domain spoofing, the most common email fraud technique.  But authentication can be difficult to deploy and may end up blocking legitimate email.

Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense makes it easy to authorize legitimate senders and block the fraudulent ones – before they reach the inbox.

Prevent outbound communication to impostors

Should an email fraud threat reach your organization, you can still prevent sensitive information from leaving.  Proofpoint Email Data Loss Prevention proactively finds, classifies, and stops outbound communication associated with email fraud – all automatically.

Protect tax information, employee records, wire transfers, and other critical data from impostors.

Email Protection

Protect your people from spam, malware, and non-malware threats with accurate classification, granular control, and visibility into all email communication.

Email Fraud Defense

Block fraudulent emails before they reach your employees and customers.

Email Data Loss Prevention

Mitigate the risk of email data loss and protect against email fraud.

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