Protect Against Social Media Fraud


Bad actors create fraudulent brand accounts to distribute malware, steal account credentials or simply embarrass the brand. New fraudulent accounts are created daily. No security or marketing team has the time to scour the social universe to identity and analyze every potentially fake account. The solution is simple: Proofpoint Social Media Protection.

Discover Fraudulent Social Media Accounts

Proofpoint Social Discover automatically scans Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media networks to discover, notify and report on all brand accounts—including fraudulent accounts. With Social Discover you’ll know within minutes if anyone, anywhere in the world, has created an account that misrepresents your brand.


Social Discover Criteria Setting

Netflix Safeguards Against Fraudulent Brand Accounts


We’ve used Proofpoint Social Discover successfully to help take down hundreds of fake social media accounts created by fraudsters.Nexflix

Risky Account Detection

Many organizations are faced with managing risk for hundreds of brand-related accounts—some actively managed and others unmanaged. Social Discover analyzes all brand-related accounts and prioritizes the results to identify those high risk accounts most likely to be fraudulent. With Social Discover, you’ll know exactly which accounts represent the greatest risk and therefore require the most immediate response.

Social Discover

Social Discover maps and persistently monitors your social footprint by finding and auditing accounts associated with your brand – including unauthorized, fraudulent, and protest accounts.

Social Media Brand Fraud Report

Understand how social media threats can impact your organization, then explore the tools and strategies necessary to protect your organization.