Full People-Centric Security

Advance your strategy to solve even more of today’s ever-evolving security challenges

It’s important that you secure your email and cloud applications to protect your people. But maturing your cybersecurity strategy requires additional measures that can help you mitigate risk. Now you can leverage even greater threat response capabilities, extend protection to more digital channels, and access customized insights to make the right decisions for you. And you can cover your broader technology and business ecosystem with integrated, isolative, and adaptive controls.

Remediate risk with comprehensive orchestration and automation capabilities

Today’s cyber threat landscape is consistently evolving. This can make it challenging for you to stay ahead of today’s attacks. Proofpoint helps you respond faster and more efficiently to the threats that are impacting your people with a full security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) platform. We help you automatically prioritize and resolve incidents from any alerting system, including your broader ecosystem.

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Provide protection across digital channels, including web, social media and the dark net

Protecting your people means providing security across multiple digital channels. That’s why we give you actionable visibility into your risks that extend beyond email and cloud apps. This allows you to defend your employees, business partners, and customers from fraudulent websites and social media risks. And you can protect your executives and physical locations with compelling information surfaced from social media and the darknet.

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  • Monitor and takedown lookalike web domains that might be used to attack your people
  • Isolate web access to protect your users against malicious content
  • Identify fraudulent social media accounts posing as your executives and brand
  • Remove risky content from your legitimate social media accounts
  • Assess and remediate doxing around your executives
  • Prevent physical threats to your employees and locations

Extend your security team with exclusive access to our cyber threat analysts

As your security strategy matures, we can give you more prescriptive guidance on additional security risks you face. And we can show you how you compare to others in your industry. We can also provide a dedicated threat analyst to extend your security team. You get specific, customized threat research to help you understand and present your security posture to the board, quickly identify security gaps, and make the right decisions—all without taking your team away from their other priorities.

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