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All Proofpoint appliances carry a 3-year warranty from the date of sale.  This warranty includes all stand-alone sales for existing customers as well as new sales of Proofpoint subscription services.  This policy applies retroactively to all current hardware in use by existing Proofpoint customers worldwide.

Warranty service levels for the 3 years after purchase are as follows:

P3 Series: Next business day response
P6 Series: Same-day response (within 8 hours)
P8 Series: Same-day response (within 8 hours)

Note that actual response times may vary depending on the specific location of the appliance.

Any appliance that is more than 3 years old will require an extended warranty to remain in service.  Appliances that are more than 6 years old cannot be used to operate Proofpoint products or services under any circumstances.  There will be no exceptions.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties covering years 4, 5, and 6 have a different service level from the initial warranty.  The extended warranty service level includes a response time to diagnose the problem that is consistent with our standard P1, P2, and P3 support SLA’s and is determined based on the severity level of the problem.  Once the diagnosis is complete, Proofpoint will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the hardware at its expense.  Proofpoint takes responsibility for the entire appliance stack and as such, the warranty must be purchased directly from Proofpoint.  Extended warranties cannot be purchased from any third party in order to use an appliance beyond the initial 3 year period. 


Extended warranties must be sold with a renewal that includes an appliance that will be more than 3 years old at some point during the renewal term.  Any appliance that will be more than 6 years old at some point during the renewal term, must be replaced as part of the renewal.

Definition of Terms

End of Sale: The last day when the Proofpoint appliance product can be ordered.  This is usually when a new appliance model is launched.

End of Life/End of Support: The last day when the appliance product is supported by Proofpoint.  When an appliance model reaches End of Life:

  • • The appliance is not supported for future software product versions.
  • • An extended hardware warranty and support are no longer available for purchase.
  • • The hardware will continue to be supported through the term of your appliance warranty.

Standard Hardware Warranty: Included in the appliance price for the first 3 years.

Extended Hardware Warranty: Covers appliances beyond the Standard Hardware Warranty for years 4, 5, and 6.

End of Sale Policy

  • • Proofpoint will announce the End of Sale date for an appliance when a new appliance model is launched.
  • • The End of Life notice will be included in the announcement and will generally be set to 6 years after the End of Sale date, depending on hardware and parts availability.
  • • New PPS Software versions will call out the hardware appliances that they support.

End of Life/End of Support Policy

  • • The End of Life date is generally 6 years after the End of Sale date, but can change based on hardware and parts availability.
  • • Customers can still purchase a Proofpoint Extended Warranty after the End of Sale date with the following clarifications:
    • • The contract term cannot exceed the End of Life date
    • • Customers cannot buy an extended warranty beyond year 6.

End of Life Announcements

Appliance Model

Scheduled EOL Date



September 2022


December 2020


June 2017


March 2017


December 2015



April 2022


November 2020


September 2018


March 2017


December 2015


P860 / P860M

June 2021

P850 / P850M

September 2018


March 2017


March 2017

P825 / P825M

December 2015


December 2015