Technical Training Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be an authorized PCSC contact?

It’s becoming more common for companies to require a level of product knowledge for support contacts; in fact it’s something that Proofpoint is required to do with some of our vendors. Proper training and accreditation ensures that you can get the most out of your Proofpoint products, and ensures that support interactions can be handled efficiently, focused on higher-level issues, with everyone on the same page. 


Do I have to pay for the technical training?

Web-based training and access to the accreditation exam is provided at no cost to Proofpoint customers. Instructor-led and virtual-instructor-led training courses are offered for a fee. Please contact your Proofpoint sales representative for more information.

How do I maintain my accreditation?

All web-based training accreditations are valid for one year.  As product functionality is added or changed, these web-based training course updates and accreditation exams will follow sequence. For further questions or assistance, please email


What if I move to another company, do I have to start from scratch with my accreditation?

Accreditations are tests of the skills and knowledge of an individual, so the accreditation can be carried to your new company. Just inform Education Services of the change, and we’ll update your record. If you have any other questions about accreditation, please email


Will I receive a confirmation for instructor-led training enrollments?

For instructor-led classes, when your order has been processed and your payment confirmed, you will be emailed a confirmation of your enrollment in the class. Until that confirmation has been emailed,
you have no guarantee of a seat in the class. It is recommended that you make no travel arrangements until you have received your confirmation. Your confirmation will include directions to the site and information on local hotels.


What is your training cancellation policy?

Be advised that instructor-led class cancellations do sometimes occur, so when making travel arrangements, it is best to make flexible arrangements that can be changed or refunded. Proofpoint strives to not cancel a class without at least 10 business days warning, but reserves the right to cancel a class for any reason, at any time. If a class is cancelled, the student will be entitled to re-register for a future delivery of the class. Proofpoint takes no responsibility for any expenses incurred by a student due to class cancellation by Proofpoint. 


How can I sign-up for Proofpoint web-based training?

Web-based training accounts can be requested through your sales representative for help. Once you log in with your training account credentials on the Proofpoint University LMS, click on the My Learning button to see courses that you're automatically registered for (under the Learning Plan tab), or view the Training catalog and select whatever web-based training course that interests you.


My company has both Protection and Archive products, but I’m only responsible for Archive. Do I have to become accredited for both?

Web-based training accreditation is only required for products you work with, with the understanding that you won’t be logging Support calls for other products. If something changes and you do become responsible for other products, then accreditation will be required at that time.


Is there availability for the class I want to take?

To inquire about availability of classes, contact us at


What are the beginning and ending times of your instructor-led training classes?

All classes offered at our Sunnyvale, CA headquarters and  Belfast, Northern Ireland locations start at 9:00am and end at 4:30pm local times.


Do you offer customer site training?

Yes, we do. Please work with your Proofpoint Sales Account Manager to request an onsite training request at  your loocation of choice.

I lost my certificate. How do I replace it?

To obtain a replacement certificate, please email us at