How to Design an Adaptable, Flexible and Compliant Social Selling Program

Social media presents a big opportunity to develop relationships with clients and prospects. But the myriad regulations around it can be hard to interpret. It’s easy for advisers to wind up non-compliant or feel stifled and avoid the channel altogether. 

If you’re like your peers, you may wonder how to create a great experience for clients and advisers while staying compliant. Adding to the challenge, regulations are evolving as regulators and firms continue to observe the nuances of social. So the question is how do you design a social selling program that’s compliant, flexible and adaptable? 

Join Hootsuite and Proofpoint now as our experts share:

  • How top firms balance compliance with their adviser experience
  • What experts believe is in store for social selling and compliance in the future
  • How Hootsuite and Proofpoint provide a solution that enables advisers and protects firms