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Cloud Infrastructure

Proofpoint Enterprise applications are delivered on a cloud infrastructure and can be deployed as secure, cloud-only solutions, or as hybrid email services that combine SaaS with optional physical or virtual points-of-presence installed behind the enterprise firewall (for customers who prefer to deploy certain functions inside their security perimeter). Regardless of the deployment scenario, this cloud-based email architecture enables Proofpoint to leverage the benefits of the cloud—bringing customers superior, cost-effective cloud email services for email security and compliance—while maintaining the flexibility to optimize deployments for each customers' unique requirements. Proofpoint's modular approach for cloud email services and solutions enables our existing customers to implement additional modules in a simple and efficient manner.


Cloud Components

Proofpoint's cloud-based email services provide core security and compliance capabilities to be shared across the various applications. Proofpoint cloud email services run a number of shared email services, including threat detection, encryption, and content classification. Each of these email services is consumed by and shared across the application layer. As a result, the Proofpoint cloud email platform is able to use economies of scale to deliver lower TCO to the customer. Furthermore, because the cloud email services contain no business-specific data, they are reusable and enable the rapid development of new security and compliance applications.

These capabilities provide core building blocks for Proofpoint's Application Services: Big Data: Proofpoint uses both proprietary and open source "big data" technologies to provide a way to store, scale and process vast volumes of data. Technologies include Hadoop, Cassandra, MapReduce, and Hive. Big Data techniques enable analysis and insight based on the real-time processing of massive amounts of data. The result is better data protection, higher performance and superior scalability for your organization.

In 2003, Proofpoint pioneered the application of machine learning for security by introducing Proofpoint MLX™ technology for protecting organizations from spam, phishing and other message-borne threats. Machine learning is a discipline that gives computers the ability to learn without being programmed, using advanced statistical models that model normal behavior of an organization's email. Proofpoint uses both unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms to ensure that the most dangerous threats—even those never seen before—are rapidly detected and stopped. Identity and Access Management: Proofpoint leverages various directory services, authentication methods, and other technologies for data protection and threat management. Secure Storage: Proofpoint encrypts all data stored in its data centers. Secure email storage services are provided to any application that requires data at rest functionality. With Proofpoint, your email data is always isolated, safe and secure.

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Application Services

Proofpoint's application services leverage the foundational technologies listed above to provide a diverse set of email services for our products. These shared email services include: Email Content Inspection: Deep email content inspection techniques are used to scan and parse text and structure across multiple languages. This capability is used to identify email threats, even if the email threat is sent from a trusted IP. Furthermore, those same techniques can detect sensitive data leaks, including leaks found inside compressed files and attachments. Email Reputation: Proofpoint maintains a real-time database of the world's IP addresses and the corresponding positive and negative reputation of those IPs. Proofpoint also tracks real-time email reputation data for message attachments and potentially malicious URLs. Email Encryption and Key Management: Core email encryption services are provided for in-motion and at-rest applications, as well as key management infrastructure. Proofpoint's underlying email encryption infrastructure provides world-class security and availability, ensuring that keys and data are separated for maximum security. Proofpoint provides a unique email- and web-based workflow system to enable seamless remediation across the enterprise. End users, compliance officers, and security professionals make use of Proofpoint's workflow capabilities across Proofpoint's various applications. Analytics and Search: Advanced analytic tools leverage the network for automated monitoring and rapid assessment of emerging threats.


Technologies to store, scale and process vast volumes of data

Big Data Techniques

Underlying all of Proofpoint's solutions is our Big Data Platform, which uses both proprietary and open source "Big Data" technologies to store, scale and process vast volumes of data. Proofpoint has pioneered the use of web-scale technologies including Hadoop, Cassandra, MapReduce, and Hive in the delivery of enterprise security and data protection solutions. Big Data techniques enable Proofpoint to rapidly analyze and gain insight from massive amounts of data. The result is better data protection, higher performance and superior scalability for your organization. Proofpoint leverages these Big Data technologies and analysis techniques across its entire solution suite, indexing petabytes of information in real-time to discover threats, to detect data leaks and to enable end-users to quickly and efficiently access information distributed across their organizations.

Superior Protection Against Advanced Targeted Threats

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Using a combination of proprietary technologies for Big Data analytics, machine learning and deep content inspection, Proofpoint accurately detects and stop targeted "spear phishing" and other sophisticated attacks. By processing and modeling billions of requests per day, our technology can recognize anomalies in traffic flow to detect targeted attacks, distinguish between valid messages and "phishing" messages, and detect targeted "zero-hour" attacks in real time and quarantine them appropriately.

High Performance Search

By employing parallel, Big Data search techniques, Proofpoint delivers search performance measured in seconds, even when searching hundreds of terabytes of archived data. Traditional on-premises solutions can take hours or even days to return search results from a complex query.

Accurate Real Time Reputation

Proofpoint leverages machine learning and Big Data analytics to analyze and correlate billions of requests per day to create a dynamic reputation profile of hundreds of millions of IP addresses, domains, web links and other Internet content. This database of reputation profiles is used to help identify and block malicious attacks.

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