Comprehensive Suite

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Comprehensive Solutions Suite

Comprehensive Suite

Industry-leading advanced threat protection solutions

Suite of Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

From blocking spam, viruses and phish to detection of post-perimeter malware and advanced targeted attacks, including automated incident response and content hardening for breach mitigation, Proofpoint’s Enterprise Protection, Targeted Attack Protection, Threat Response, and Data Discover provide industry-leading advanced threat protection.

Enterprise Protection

Block threats from ever entering your enterprise.

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Targeted Attack Protection

Follow communications post-delivery and protect against unknown threats, especially those based on mutable URLs or using other tactics that are unblockable by a gateway.

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Threat Response

A single pane of glass for Incident Response teams; instantly verify, prioritize and contain advanced threats and targeted attacks detected by industry leading security vendors.

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Enterprise Privacy, DLP and Encryption

Enforce data loss prevention and outbound encryption, ensuring your communications are always in compliance and under your control—even after they’ve been sent.

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Comprehensive Suite Compliance and Discovery

Industry-leading Compliance and Discovery Solutions

Solutions for Internal or External Regulatory Policy

Ensure external and internal compliance, transparently, so your users can simply ‘post’ to social media or press ‘send’ in email without being forced to make policy decisions.  From guaranteeing adherence to internal HR or security controls on communications, to external regulatory constraints such as HIPAA PCI FINRA or others or internal policy, Proofpoint’s transparent DLP, Encryption, and Data Discover for email and Social Media will fulfil your compliance needs.

Respond to supervisory review, legal or regulatory challenges

Quickly find information wherever it resides—from documents on desktops to email, share drives, SharePoint, or web repositories. Whether it’s supervisory review or in response to legal or regulatory challenge, Proofpoint’s Enterprise Archive and Governance solutions ensure reliable, guaranteed, rapid response time-results to real-time queries. Legal or compliance teams can even self-service search via laptop or mobile devices.

Enterprise Archive

Harness our unified platform providing easy discovery, simplified regulatory compliance, and seamless end-user information access.

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Enterprise Governance

Ensure compliance and security for government communications that are shared via email, distributed files, and social media.

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Data Discover

Enable automated discovery and remediation of risky content while mitigating the impact of a data breach

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Enterprise Privacy Suite

Control the information that leaves your organization in your emails, social media and web file sharing—and protect it from exposure at all times, even after you send it.

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