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Detect, block, and respond to email and social media-based threats, and harden against data loss


Comply easily and thoroughly with internal security controls as well as external regulatory policies


Find information quickly—whether it resides on email, IM, social media, shared drives or SharePoint

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Research and commentary on malware, user actions, and other threats to information security


What attachments?: Credential phishing with cloud-based documents

Posted by Proofpoint Staff | 0

As the use of cloud-based documents becomes more and more widespread, phishing campaigners have also been leveraging this behavior as a lure for their messages to the benefit of their effectiveness.

02 March 2015

Global, Social, Fake: UK trumps US in social media security and compliance issues

Posted by Proofpoint Staff | 0

As part of its risk intelligence and research practices, Proofpoint Nexgate recently analyzed data on social media accounts of ten of the top UK FTSE 100 brands, and found that the risks and threat activity for UK enterprise brands are trending higher.

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