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Identity Protection

Stop account takeovers and defend identities to stop lateral movement

Discover and remediate your identity vulnerabilities and attack paths before your adversaries do.

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More than 80% of today’s cyber attacks involve compromised user accounts and identities

Once attackers have control of legitimate accounts, without effective identity security, they can navigate and move around the environment at will. This is how a minor security incident turns into a major business impacting breach.


Stop attackers’ lateral movement. Remediate vulnerable identities, close off attack paths and stop attacks in real time.

Experience the benefits of our identity protection

Accelerate active threat detection and response to reduce dwell time

Stop account takeovers and protect privileged identities with integrated security controls that span the attack chain. Discover identity vulnerabilities before an attack. Automatically prioritize and remediate the riskiest vulnerabilities and detect active threats in real-time across the broadest range of IT resources, both cloud and on-premises.

Post-Access Suspicious Activities

Detect and resolve compromised accounts in minutes, not days

Leverage multiple analytical techniques, machine learning and threat intelligence to quickly detect and resolve compromised accounts. When every second counts, you’ll get alerts and forensic information you can trust. As well as response automation with a click of button.

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Stop lateral movement

Remediate available attack paths, remove cached credentials and ensnare attackers in a web of deceptive files and resources that alert you to their presence. Instantly see how attackers got in—and what they have been doing, automatically. Identity Protection remains undefeated in more than 160 red-team exercises (and counting).

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Key Features

Key features of our Identity Protection

Identity security that works across your identity infrastructure

You’ll get the industry’s broadest set of integrations and vulnerability analysis for improved defense against identity-centric attacks. Discover and remediate vulnerable identities and active threats in Active Directory, Entra ID, Okta, and many more.

Identity Protection

Complex identity protection

Identity Protection creates a complex maze of false paths and tripwires that ensnares attackers as they try to laterally move from host to host toward your organization’s IT crown jewels. It creates fake but authentic-looking:

  • Cached credentials
  • Browser histories
  • Cookies
  • Emails
  • Microsoft Teams messages
  • Office files
  • RDP/FTP sessions
  • Database credentials
  • And more

And best of all, it’s done without agents. So, attackers can’t detect it—let alone bypass it.

Halt attackers' progress

Automated remediation

Get real-time alerts on attackers’ moves and reverse any harmful changes with just a click. Identity Protection streamlines incident response by:

  • Suspending compromised accounts
  • Reversing attacker-created mailbox rules
  • Resetting access to third party cloud apps
  • Resetting MFA settings
  • Pulling detailed forensic data
  • Initiating host quarantines
Attack Sequence Dashboard
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“The solution is compelling because the console shows your network the way an attacker sees it.” — IT Director, Professional Sports Team

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