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New Gartner report: Solving the Challenges of Modern Remote Access

The “workplace” is a very different environment than it was just a few months ago. Technologies such as VPN that had fallen out of favour are now essential for maintaining a productive remote workforce. New research from Gartner offers businesses helpful guidance on how to quickly scale remote access for employees everywhere.

In this report, Gartner recommends infrastructure and security professionals do the following:

  • Determine user remote access requirements such as on-premises or cloud applications before choosing or deploying any product
  • Test products for scale to support critical unplanned events such as COVID-19
  • Evaluate the risks of enabling unknown devices previously not used in the organization, such as bring your own PC (BYOPC)
  • Develop a usable remote work policy that all key stakeholders have agreed to. If this is not possible due to time constraints, consult your legal counsel to verify it passes all local laws.

Now is the time to develop a multi-pronged strategy for remote access based on the unique needs of your workers. Learn more in this new Gartner report, Solving the Challenges of Modern Remote Access. Get the report today.