Threat Report

Proofpoint Included in 2021 Forrester Report on Best Practices: Mitigating Insider Threats

Insider risk has become a threat to the modern organisation. And it can no longer be overlooked. With the rise of remote work and the move toward a widespread hybrid workforce, security management leaders need to increase their visibility into the context of data usage to mitigate insider threats.

Get your copy of the 2021 Forrester Best Practices: Mitigating Insider Threats report for guidance on how to build an insider threat programme.

Discover Forrester’s recommendations to grow an insider threat programme by:

  • Educating security pros to understand insider threat motivations and actions
  • Recognising and mitigating the primary types of insider threat risks
  • Protecting data by implementing insider threat monitoring technology 

Download your copy to learn how Proofpoint addresses Forrester’s evaluation considerations.