Stop data loss and insider threats

Break the attack chain

Defend your data with Proofpoint Sigma, the only information protection platform that merges content classification, threat telemetry and user behavior across channels in a unified, cloud -native interface.

Over 45% of the

Fortune 100

trust Proofpoint


cloud accounts protected

Legacy data loss protection (DLP) solutions address one third of the problem

Data can do a lot of things, but it can’t leave your organization by itself. A person is always behind a data loss incident, whether they are careless, compromised or malicious. Legacy solutions focused on content alone can’t identify and mitigate the risks that people pose to the data they can access.

Proofpoint Sigma is the integrated information protection platform that provides unmatched visibility into data risk by analysing content, behaviour and threats from a single cloud-native console, stopping data loss while saving time and operational cost.

Sigma Information Protection Platform

Nearly half of the Fortune 100 trust Proofpoint Sigma to:

  • Protect sensitive data, including intellectual property and PII.
  • Prevent data from leaving with departing employees.
  • Prevent data loss posed by negligent or compromised insiders.
  • Secure remote working environments with cloud data protection.
Powerful Context

Leverage the power of context between data, behaviour and threats

  • Identify who is moving what data, when, where and why.
  • Correlate user activity and threat insights with data movement within a single, cloud-native console.
  • Respond appropriately to data loss posed by malicious, compromised or careless users.
Unified Visibility

Get visibility into and prevent data loss and insider risk across channels

  • Understand how users interact with sensitive data across cloud, email, endpoint and web.
  • Get people-centric visibility into threats and user behavior surrounding the data being accessed from a unified, cloud-native console with a timeline view.
  • Prevent and respond to data loss incidents and insider risk in real time across a diversity of devices and locations.
Insider Investigation

Investigate insiders while protecting their privacy

  • Detect risky insider activity and prevent data loss by limiting data exposure with time-bound access during investigations.
  • Control admin and analyst access by user data, function and activity type to ensure visibility on a need-to-know basis.
  • Meet the most stringent privacy requirements by anonymizing user data, masking content snippets and managing regional data residency.
Accelerate Time to Value

Implement a streamlined and highly scalable cloud-native deployment

  • Accelerate incident response with streamlined workflows, easy-to-digest user event visualizations and managed services.
  • Promote cross-functional collaboration between security and other teams, including HR and Legal.
  • Maximize operational efficiency and reduce risk with automated and continuous data classification.

Omni-Channel Protection

Learn about how we integrate cloud, email, endpoint and web protection


Secure your cloud users, apps and data from threats, data loss and compliance risks.

  • Protects cloud users and accounts from SaaS account takeovers and malicious cloud files.
  • Safeguards sensitive data from risky movement or exposure with advanced AI/ML.
  • Governs SaaS and OAuth apps with discovery and dynamic risk assessments.
  • Accelerates time to value by deploying via cloud service application programming interfaces (APIs) to proxy-based deployment models.

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Mitigate the risk of data breach via email and satisfy compliance with DLP and encryption.

  • Easy to deploy with email security or as part of a unified enterprise DLP approach.
  • Automate regulatory compliance with out-of-box detectors for PCI, PII, GDPR, SOX, HIPAA and more.
  • Identity data unique to your organization with custom dictionaries, including AI-powered classification.

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Understand the context to protect from data loss and brand damage involving insiders.

  • Identify risky user behavior and sensitive data interaction.
  • Prevent data loss from endpoints.
  • Gain visibility for every day and risky users with a single lightweight agent.

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Protect your organization against threats and prevent data loss from the web channel.

  • Block ransomware and zero-day malware.
  • Isolate malicious URLs in all apps, including secured social media and collaboration apps.
  • Enforce inline and real-time DLP over the web.

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