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Stop Human Targeted Attacks

Multi-layered threat defense

Trusted by 87 of the Fortune 100 to block human-targeted attacks, stop account takeover and safeguard privileged identities.

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People activate today’s integrated attacks.

Email remains the #1 threat vector to target organizations. What makes cyber attacks like business email compromise (BEC), credential phishing, ransomware and account takeover so successful is how effectively they target your users using a personalized, multi-layered approach. Traditional defenses focused on siloed controls aren’t enough. To stop these modern attacks, you need integrated defense. 


of cyber attacks are initiated via email
in exposed losses due to BEC
of organizations were compromised via an account takeover in 2022

We protect against every type of threat, every time, every way a user may encounter it.

Our multi-layered, adaptive threat defense stops 99.99% of all email threats, including business email compromise, ransomware, credential phishing and other forms of social engineering.

Our detection ensemble, with threat intelligence, static analysis, sandboxing, click-time protection, and Nexus AI models, is the industry’s most effective. In addition, we've now introduced the first-ever pre-delivery protections against social engineering and malicious URLs, plus new post-delivery behavioral AI capabilities: Proofpoint Adaptive Email Security.

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Experience the benefits of our core email security offering

Get total visibility

We offer total visibility into who your Very Attacked People (VAPs) are, what threats are targeting them, and how. And we offer a risk score for each person at your organization based on their unique vulnerability, attack and IT privileges.

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Superior defense starts with world-class data

Our AI/ML models are trained with the richest data set in the world, providing superior accuracy. We analyze three trillion messages per year across 230,000+ organizations globally. The value of our proprietary data is enhanced by contextual insights and in-depth classification from our leading team of threat researchers and data scientists.

Defend Better

Work smarter

Proofpoint boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of your team. We stop threats before they reach your organization, reducing your workload. We also automate the remediation of malicious and unwanted emails post-delivery, limiting exposure time and accelerating incident response.

Work Smarter

Defend better before and after delivery

Pre-delivery, we detect and stop email threats with and without payloads—including BEC, TOAD attacks, malware and credential phishing—before they reach your inbox.

Post-delivery, our comprehensive protection rewrites suspicious URLs, applies contextual warning tags to emails, and conducts in-depth analysis of messages via behavioral AI and content examination. And it remediates threats, ensuring total protection.

Prevent account takeover, safeguard identities

Our identity defenses detect account takeover and stop lateral movement. We find and fix your risky identities and available attack paths before your adversaries do.

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Key Features

Key features that stop human-targeted attacks

Nexus People Risk Explorer identifies your riskiest users

We provide insights into who your "Very Attacked People" (VAP) are and what specific threats are targeting them, so you can implement customized controls including browser isolation, focused security awareness training, identity vulnerability remediation, and step-up authentication to reduce risk.

Stop Human Targeted Attacks

Early warning telemetry into risks targeting your people

Our team of threat researchers investigates threats, identifies new campaigns and tracks threat actor activity. We provide detailed reports of attack trends and insights into specific threat actors targeting your organization.

Proofpoint Threat Defense

Enhanced end user experience

Seamless classification of user-reported messages
We make it easy for users to report suspicious messages across all devices and automatically classify reported emails. If we discover that a user-reported message is malicious, we’ll automatically remove all instances of it from all user inboxes—including forwards and distribution lists. And we communicate that activity back to the submitting user, helping them understand the positive impact of their actions.

Email warning tags to help your users
We empower your users to make informed decisions in the moment with email warning tags that flag potentially malicious messages. And our warning banners include an integrated “report suspicious” button, making it easy to report suspicious messages even on a mobile device.

Stop Human Targeted Attacks

Pre-delivery sandboxing and behavioral analysis

We analyze messages, links and attachments before they reach the inbox. And we provide inline, pre-delivery sandboxing and behavioral analysis of suspicious QR codes, reducing the burden on your security teams. Our sandbox technology provides exhaustive analysis via static, dynamic and analyst-assisted execution, to maximize detection and intelligence extraction. We use ML-driven intelligence to determine whether a URL should be sent to the sandbox for further analysis.

Continuous analysis of the inbox with Adaptive Email Security

We analyze messages in employee inboxes using over 200 behavioral AI signals, providing email security defense-in-depth. Augment pre-delivery protection with an API integration to M365 or Google Workspace. And we stop internal phishing by detecting anomalous sending behaviors such as spikes in email volume and unusual recipients.

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Personalized security protection

In combination with our email security solution, our personalized threat-driven security education enables you to deliver targeted learning and simulations for better outcomes, reinforcing behavior with contextual nudges via email tags and custom feedback on user-reported messages.

Proofpoint Threat Defense

Automated protection

Click-time protection
We re-write URLs to protect users on any network and device to detect if a message has been weaponized post delivery. When users click on re-written URLs, automated browser isolation and real-time sandboxing protects against malware and credential theft.

Automated Quarantine Post-Delivery
If a malicious message is detected post-delivery, we automatically move it to quarantine. And we follow forwarded mail and distribution lists.

Powerful integrations

API-based SIEM/SOAR integration
We enable you to automatically enrich and correlate existing security event data with email threat data , so your security team can leverage context-aware threat intelligence and forensic analysis to proactively alert on and quickly respond to suspicious email-based threats.

API-based endpoint integration
We automatically feed threat intelligence information to your endpoint protection solution. With insight into endpoint behavior, file activity information, and detailed threat forensic evidence, your security team can quickly identify and enable endpoint isolation to remediate compromised devices. And we provide API-enabled, bi-directional workflows and integrations with third-party security vendors like Palo Alto, Crowdstrike, Microsoft Defender, Okta and more.

threat protection

“Proofpoint is the only vendor that delivers on
all five areas for email security as an integrated platform.” — Gartner


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Threat Protection With Optional Security Awareness

Powerful Products

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Adaptive Email Security

Stop more threats, including internal phishing, with a fully integrated layer of behavioral AI.

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Impersonation Protection

Holistic brand and supplier defense that stops 100% of domain spoofing.

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Identity Threat and Account Takeover Protection

Secure vulnerable identities, stop lateral movement and privilege escalation.

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Mitigate Human Risk

Unlock full user risk visibility and drive behavior change with security awareness training.

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