Introducing the Proofpoint CISO Hub

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In today’s evolving threat landscape and fast-changing business climate, the role of the chief information security officer (CISO) has never been more critical—or more challenging. Amid one of the largest workplace shifts in a generation, CISOs are managing acute staffing shortages, an increasingly complex threat ecosystem and a barrage of new threats.

To be effective, modern CISOs must be well-equipped. They need to continuously hone their leadership skills. And now more than ever, they must build a strong security strategy and culture.

Fortunately, they need not do it alone. I am excited to introduce the Proofpoint CISO Hub. We’ve designed it as a one-stop resource for the entire CISO community—built by CISOs for CISOs.

Each month we’ll cover a single topic, diving deep into the issues that matter most to you. You can expect fresh insights, research, trends, technical resources, tools and—perhaps most important—opportunities to connect with the wider CISO community.

This month, we delve into succession planning. While staffing changes are inevitable, a well-planned and executed succession plan can enhance your security strategy and keep your organization resilient in the face of change.

Visit the CISO Hub today and check back regularly for new updates.