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8 Great Cyber Security Quotes From Influencers

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Identity Threat Defense

Defending business networks from the dangers of cyber attacks can seem daunting at times, but that doesn’t mean we can just give up.

Security incidents are inevitable, but the way you respond is essential to long-term business success. Successful cybersecurity is all about having the right perspective.

Don’t be afraid to take advice from these cybersecurity influencers when rethinking your security strategy.

Pearls of Wisdom from 8 Cybersecurity Influencers

Liviu Arsene, Senior E-Threat Analyst at Bitdefender:

“A lot has changed from that first reported incident in 2006, when U.S. Air Force Colonel Greg Rattray was cited using the expression “advanced persistent threats” to refer to data-exfiltration Trojans. Nowadays, it has become common practice for cybercriminals to orchestrate covert targeted attacks on government or private institutions, motivated either by a form of activism or good old-fashioned government espionage.”