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Adapting Information Protection to a Changing World

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Data security has been a primary area of concern for most organizations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And while many businesses were already well on their way to the cloud before 2020, the pandemic and all its disruption have certainly helped to accelerate that move. 

Now, after many months of adjusting security strategies to support their remote users, companies are shifting to a hybrid model of partial in-person and remote work. This transition to the “work from anywhere, data is everywhere world” is creating even more data management and data security struggles for these organizations. 

Eric Hanselman of 451 Research and I recently discussed some of the information protection challenges businesses are facing in this rapidly changing environment. During our discussion, Hanselman shared some unique findings from 451 Research on cloud adoption, remote work activities and the threat landscape that you may find useful for your organization.

Click below to watch our brief discussion and learn more about the challenges of managing and securing data in an increasingly cloud-based business environment. 

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