The People Variable: A Discussion of Social Media Behavior

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People spend over 3.5 hours on their mobile phone every day, and 50% of that time is spent on social media.

If you think your employees aren’t representing your company on social media platforms, you may want to check again. The security landscape is a people-centric landscape…and people make mistakes. Before your users hit the post button, what should they know about the risk?


Social Media


In this episode, we interview Amanda Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Compliance at Proofpoint, about understanding security risks on social media from a people-centric perspective.


What we talked about:

  • How social media is integral to modern business
  • Trends and types of social media-related risks
  • How technical and administrative controls play a role in social media compliance and security

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Resources we mentioned during the podcast:

  • Proofpoint & Hootsuite’s webinar: How to Design an Adaptable, Flexible and Compliant Social Selling Program