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Life at Proofpoint


Working at Proofpoint

Our Team

As a team, we earn the trust of our customers every day. Through our actions, and tackling problems head on, you will work in an environment which thrives on innovation and creative solutions. We welcome multiple perspectives and push boundaries. Our employees make it happen and we work together to create amazing winning results.

Employee Programs

Proofpoint provides employees in all locations comprehensive and competitive programs. Through health, financial, and balance programs, we see programs as an important part of your total compensation package. We understand they have a direct and positive impact on you both you and your family. Our programs are global with localization to the market.

University Programs

There's never been a better time to work at Proofpoint! Our internship program is designed to develop future leaders, innovators and strategists. We ensure that all interns and new college grads work alongside seasoned industry professionals who have interest in shaping their futures. Proofpoint Interns are successful and engaged individuals who want to gain hands-on experience and are not afraid of thinking outside the box. They are a collection of highly talented, valued team members who are working to make a positive impact in the way we work with security and compliance.

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What Our Employees are Saying

What Our Employees are Saying

“Proofpoint is one big family. There is no political hierarchy that limits people and their interactions with others in the company. Meaning, no matter your level within the company, everyone's door is always open. This of course stems from the overall willingness of the employees to help each other and go the extra mile to make the company successful."

Marlise, Finance

"It was definitely a two-step process. Proofpoint caught my eye right off the bat because I have been working in this space since 1997 and saw the business model and thought ‘ They are doing it right’. After interviewing with the team, I was able to get a sense of the people. We truly have the brightest people around, all with their heads pointed in the right direction. Without this forward thinking, Proofpoint would not be able to be as successful as it is."

Erica, Engineering 

"Working on the marketing team is extremely rewarding at Proofpoint. We are developing marketing programs that are innovative and delivering great results. Also working with this experienced and talented group everyday has developed my skills and made me a better marketer."

Lisa, Marketing

"The people that I work with are by far the number one reason I stay at Proofpoint. Other than that, there is an amazing opportunity to grow, in regards to both the company as well as professionally. The other thing that keeps me here goes back to the people aspect, our management is amazing. Very supportive and helpful with my professional development."

Yvonne, Sales

“During the interview process, I was struck by the really great engineering talent here, and the exciting technology being worked on. Proofpoint is in a great position to create some truly world-class security technology and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Bryan, Engineering