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Founded in 2002
Operating in 25 Countries

We are Proofpoint | Republic of Ireland

Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company that protects organisations’ greatest assets and biggest risks: their people.

We hire the most innovative talent in the world to help defend our customers’ sensitive data and intellectual property from threat actors and malicious or careless employees. In doing so, we embrace and foster the diversity of our team members, customers, stakeholders, and consumers. Everyone is valued and appreciated for their unique backgrounds, experiences, thoughts, and talents, all of which contributes to the growth and sustainability of our business.

Our Ireland Locations

Limerick, Ireland

Limerick, Ireland, embodies a captivating fusion of rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality along the flowing banks of the Shannon.

Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland, enchants with its lively atmosphere, historic charm, and a spirited embrace of arts, culture, and stunning landscapes along the River Lee.

Why say YES to Proofpoint?

Republic of Ireland Careers
We offer global wellbeing programs and resources that are designed to provide and enhance a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Republic of Ireland Careers
Our Learning & Leadership team offer a variety of programs and workshops to support professional growth and skill development.
Republic of Ireland Careers
We offer several different rewards and recognition programs to all our employees to congratulate successes and inspire us to achieve our goals.
Republic of Ireland Careers
We provide our employees with a comprehensive and competitive benefits package designed to care for your total wellbeing.

Our commitment to DEI

At Proofpoint we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. We work every day to ensure that our employees feel that they are in a community that celebrates their unique identity, cultivates their sense of belonging, and invests in their professional growth.

We currently have 9 employee-led diversity & inclusion groups that have been introduced to support both employees and our organisation by providing opportunities to network, discuss career & cultural development and uplift the corporate culture to create a more inclusive workplace.


Protecting people is at the heart of our award-winning line up of cybersecurity solutions. And the people who work here are the key to that success.

Our atmosphere and cross-departmental support make for a positive and friendly work environment. We are encouraged to share insights and celebrate our contributions and achievements.

From pizza Wednesdays to fun social media contests, there is no shortage of exciting in person and virtual events and activities for employees here at Proofpoint!


We are passionate about supporting our global communities and investing responsibly towards the future.

Proofpoint and our employees support local organizations and have opportunities to give back to our community by participating in volunteering, taking part in charitable events and fund raising & donation activities.

Organisational functions you will find in our Ireland offices.


A career in finance offers a dynamic journey, combining analytical prowess, strategic thinking, and an evolving landscape that navigates global markets, shaping economies and businesses worldwide.

Research and Development

A career in research and development is a thrilling voyage, blending innovation, scientific inquiry, and creative problem-solving to pioneer groundbreaking solutions that redefine industries and shape the future.


The engineering career path is an exhilarating expedition, blending technical expertise, creativity, and problem-solving skills to construct innovative solutions that shape the world around us.

Customer Support

The customer support career path is a rewarding journey focused on empathy, communication, and problem-solving, dedicated to ensuring exceptional experiences and satisfaction for every individual served.

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