Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Will Be the Focus of HIMSS18

March 02, 2018
Ryan Witt

“Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen.…for the times they are a-changin'.”  

Bob Dylan’s 1964 folk classic has often been used to describe a world in constant transformation.  Well, 2018 is no different and the seminal song could easily serve as the opening anthem for the upcoming Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference March 5-9.  Healthcare is a-changin'.

It is a turbulent time for the healthcare industry. Digital transformation is changing competitive boundaries, market entrants are forming unexpected alliances, and consumers are empowered with innovations in personalized technology. Medical advances that would have seemed unimaginable just a few years ago—genome-personalized treatment, AI-assisted diagnostics, robotic surgery, mass-market wearables—are now becoming routine.

The HIMSS18 conference will explore the evolution of these new technologies and the security challenges they present.  The value of digital transformation in healthcare is clear, but so are risks.  More devices, more technology, and more connectivity creates an exponentially larger attack surface for cybercriminals.  And with that, much more risk for healthcare.

We’re encouraged by this increased focus on a proactive approach to patient data protection. For too long, information security has been reactive, limited to meeting regulatory requirements or simply being compliant.

Demonstrating a strong ability to protect patient data will become essential in a transformed healthcare environment. It will also be a key way for healthcare providers to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market.  Data protection will no longer be just about meeting regulatory requirements. Health institutions will now be expected to be good stewards of patient data.

Patient security and safety has always been a moral imperative. Now, it’s a business imperative. Your community and clinicians deserve a clinical experience with the peace of mind of knowing that their personal data is secure. And if you don’t provide that peace of mind, your competitor will.

Want to learn more?  Here are some great Proofpoint resources where you can:

  • Read our whitepaper: "Prescription for Change: Protecting the New Health Economy in the Age of Transformation"
  • Hear us speak: “The Cure for Healthcare Cyber Attacks” – HIMSS Conference, Tuesday, March 6, 11 AM, Titian Ballroom, Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas
  • Visit us: Proofpoint Booth, HIMSS Conference – Cybersecurity Command Center (Level 2 | Veronese 2501A & Titian 2301A | Booth 8500-8600), March 6 – 9
  • Take our quiz:  HIMSS Conference – Cybersecurity Command Center Cyber Challenge (Level 2 | Veronese 2501A & Titian 2301A | Booth 8500-8600), March 6 – 9

See you in Vegas! 

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