SC Awards 2017 Winner

Proofpoint Wins Two 2017 SC Awards: Best Email Security Solution and Best Regulatory Compliance Solution

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We are proud to announce Proofpoint has secured two 2017 SC Awards for Best Email Security Solution and Best Regulatory Compliance Solution. These distinctions are especially poignant as two panels of judges voted on hundreds of competitors. These panels, comprised of a range of cybersecurity industry professionals, included current and former CISOs, vendor-neutral consultants and analysts, and educators from academic institutions.

The winning Proofpoint Email Protection solution integrates inbound email security, with outbound filtering and encryption, secure file share, and email continuity. Delivered as a cloud-based SaaS offering, dedicated/virtual appliance, software or “hybrid”, Proofpoint provides consistent functionality and performance regardless of deployment.

One element that contributed to the SC Awards win is Proofpoint’s ability to prevent business email compromise (BEC) attacks. We introduced dynamic impostor email classification in early 2016, and DMARC enforcement and reporting in mid-2016 with the acquisition of Return Path’s Email Fraud Protection Business Unit. New security response capabilities enable the automated retraction of malicious emails found in end-user inboxes, removing the threat.

Awarded Best Regulatory Compliance is Proofpoint Information Protection, Archive, and Compliance. Trusted by some of the largest brands in the world, Proofpoint provides the visibility and controls to help organizations keep communications compliant, identify sensitive information at rest across the network, and retain communications for compliance in regulated sectors across the globe.

When it comes to compliance and digital communications, Proofpoint enables organizations to say ‘yes’ to the social revenue stream. For example, at a leading financial planning firm, Proofpoint reduced manual review of social media posts by 99 percent– allowing the company to recommit resources to social media success. Built-in reporting for FINRA streamlines audit checks.

These SC Media accolades underscore Proofpoint’s commitment to safeguarding how people work today across email, mobile and social channels both safely and compliantly.

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