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Perspectives on next generation cybersecurity, compliance risks and the cloud

December 12, 2016

The Social CEO: Executives Are Using Social Media To Transform Firms

Joanna Belbey

A newly released study shows that Social CEOs can enhance the reputation of their firms, attract talent and increase sales.

December 09, 2016

Proofpoint Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving, 5 Years Running

Darren Lee

Developing a modern enterprise archiving strategy isn’t easy. IT departments are increasingly plagued by data growth and service requirements.  Legal and compliance teams struggle with how to best retain, access, discover and ultimately dispose of content in compliance with evolving regulations.

December 07, 2016

What is Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?

Mark Guntrip

Many organizations have invested in email fraud education for employees and consumers.

December 02, 2016

Three Misconceptions about Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks, Debunked

Adenike Cosgrove

Highly-targeted, low volume business email compromise (BEC) scams are one of the biggest threats to companies today.

November 22, 2016

Is Social Media and “Employee Advocacy” Possible Within Regulated Industries?

Joanna Belbey

Regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services have stringent requirements about how they communicate with the public. How does this square with the concept of “employee advocacy”, where firms encourage their employees to share news of their firm on social media?

November 15, 2016

Three Goals of the UK's New Cyber Security Strategy

Robert Holmes

Recently, Dr. Ian Levy, director of the UK’s new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provided a preview of key initiatives included in the government’s new cyber security strategy.

November 09, 2016

MiFID II: New Compliance Tech Needed For Finserv In EU And US. Even Post Brexit

Joanna Belbey

Financial services firms in the European Union (EU) have followed a common regulatory framework, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), since 2007.

November 07, 2016

Media Companies at Risk as Clinton/Trump Election Nears: Social Media Account Hacks, Malicious Content and Social Mob Attacks

Devin Redmond

As we near Election Day, media companies are at risk as a well-timed hack could distribute misinformation, impact election coverage, or even spark violence in the politically charged atmosphere of this election cycle.

November 01, 2016

Proofpoint Partners with the Global Cyber Alliance to Combat Cybercrime

Proofpoint Staff

Today, Proofpoint is pleased to announce its partnership with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA).

October 31, 2016

What’s the Fastest Way to 10 Million Malware Installations?

Duane Kuroda

If you asked me that question last month, I would said a cybercriminal needed to launch extensive email campaigns with tens of millions of messages each day and in a few months they might hit 10 million malware installations.