Benchmark Electronics

Customer Challenge
Benchmark Electronics’ mission is to design, develop, and deliver advanced technologies for defense and aerospace companies. However, the fight against imposter emails, phishing campaigns, and other malware was diverting valuable IT resources.

Proofpoint Solutions 
• Proofpoint Email Protection
• Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection

With Proofpoint, Benchmark Electronics prevented 90% of phishing and spoofing incidents and gained immediate visibility into attempted phishing attacks for proactive investigation. It also saved staff time, reduced rack space, and simplified operations with cloud-based protection.

“I’m a team of one, and our operations team includes 13 people. Proofpoint gives us breathing room. It’s been performing so well that team members have been redeployed to work on more strategic projects. I haven’t yet completely tapped into what’s possible with Proofpoint.”
- Michael Krogstad, Corporate IT Manager, Security and Governance, Benchmark Electronics

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